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Bring your project to life in Japan

Architecture | Design | Construction

Specializing in connecting international brands and people

with Japanese companies in the fields of architecture and construction. With extensive experience and a strong network in Japan,

partnerships and projects between clients

from around the world and Japanese companies are facilitated.




Working closely with international clients to understand their specific needs and goals for projects in Japan.

Then, using a professional network to identify the most suitable Japanese companies for their needs and facilitate the connection.


Whether looking for an architect, interior designer, general contractor, or other service providers in Japan, assistance is provided to find the ideal local partners for the project.


Acting as intermediaries to facilitate communication and negotiation between international clients and Japanese companies, ensuring that agreements are mutually beneficial and well understood by all parties.

1.Local Expertise

With extensive experience and network in Japan, well-positioned to help find the most suitable partners for specific needs in the country.

Why Choose Déjà Vu

2.Personalized Service

Offering tailored service and personalized attention to each client, ensuring that their goals and expectations are fully met.

3.Integrity and Transparency

Committed to acting with integrity and transparency in all interactions, ensuring that international clients and Japanese partners benefit from a fair and mutually beneficial business relationship.

​Our Projects

About Déjà Vu


Déjà Vu founded by French architect Mathias Ancelly,

was established to connect international brands and people 

with Japanese firms in architecture, interior design, and construction. 
With local expertise and industry connections,

Déjà Vu facilitates successful partnerships and projects.

Déjà Vu offers personalized services tailored

to the unique needs and goals of each client.

Whether embarking on new projects or renovating spaces,

Déjà Vu provides guidance every step of the way. 
Join Déjà Vu and bring architectural dreams to life in Japan !



If there are any questions or if you would like to learn more

about the connection services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Happy to discuss your needs and help realize your projects in Japan.

Thank you! We will respond as soon as possible.


2-9 Kaneicho, Kita-ku

Osaka, Japon

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